Site Surveys

Whether for Public Safety Communications or cellular service, Signal Surveys can determine exactly where coverage problem areas are in your building and provide DAS integrators like Dealer with hard data so that we can provide appropriately designed solutions. This can save you time and money while providing a better working system.

Dealer's engineering team will measure, perform and record a thorough building “walk test” or “grid test” to record thousands of coverage measurements using advanced wireless scanning and recording testers. The equipment can measure man data sets, such as Received Signal Strength Indicator (RSSI), Bite Error Rate (BER), and Signal to Interference and Noise Ration (SINR).

This enables us to benchmark baseline RF signal, cellular signal and broadband signal strength and coverage. With these readings, and the measurements from the outside network, our team will prepare a thorough analysis and recommendation report that may include the requirement of enhancing services through a DAS (distributed antenna system). Finally, the team will review potential locations for donor antennas, headend equipment, fiber infrastructure, cable runs and power.

We evaluate the following field signal measurements and factors during a DAS Site survey:

  • Spectrum analysis of the desired frequencies
  • Evaluate propagation variables
  • Unamplified Radio Frequency (RF) measurements including RF noise floor and donor signal strength
  • RF inhibitors: Terrain, topography and structures
  • Donor signal sources: Radio and cell towers

We then create reports that can give you easily digestible maps, charts and graphs of your building’s current Received Signal Strength of the desired radio frequencies for your entire facility

From this point, we can help you determine the best course of action, whether it’s amplifiers to extend your current coverage or a full DAS installation.

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Since 1995, Integrated Communications has been an authorized Motorola Premier Service Partner with offices in Mississippi and Tennessee. When you work with us you have the advantage of utilizing our in-house experts in all areas of communications including in-building BDA/DAS systems, two-way radio systems, FCC licensing, and RF engineering. ICI provides custom turnkey communications facilities and special projects for PCS cellular carriers, commercial enterprises, government agencies, public safety, and utilities projects of all sizes. We also offer business financing options for both DAS design projects and turnkey cellphone signal booster installations for qualified customers.

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Are your buildings up to Mississippi and Tennessee fire codes? We're here to help.

Are your buildings up to Mississippi and Tennessee fire codes? We're happy to start a conversation to see if an Emergency Responder Radio Coverage System (ERCES) is required. Before any design and installation work commences, our RF technical team consisting of licensed DAS installers and technicians always perform a detailed site survey.