SOLiD is helping build our wireless future through a portfolio of innovative RF Amplifier, RF Radio, and Optical Transport solutions. SOLiD is battle-tested by global wireless operators at some of the world’s best-known venues and densely populated places.


Commercial Properties

Fiber optic networks connecting buildings, which once promised endless room for growth, are becoming exhausted by the flood of new wireless data services and cellular traffic from Distributed Antenna System (DAS) deployments. And solving fiber exhaustion by pulling additional fiber lines or leasing dark fiber is expensive and delays ROI.

Marquee business customers depend on SOLiD.

A wave of new data and voice applications will require ever-increasing speed and capacity from your enterprise network. Are you ready to keep pace?


The quality of patient care has a lot to do with the infrastructure that supports it.

That’s where we come in. With the immense advances in patient care, it’s imperative that the communications that underpin its effectiveness, is as reliable as it is innovative. Make the SOLiD choice.

By providing the technological building blocks for a reliable, seamless, future-ready infrastructure, SOLiD ensures that caregivers are supported in their overarching goal to improve overall patient safety and care.

Wi-Fi and 3G/4G enabled tablets run data-rich healthcare applications. Connected healthcare requires mobility anywhere – inside and outside the hospital. SOLiD is dedicated to ensuring that healthcare organizations and their staff have always-on wireless coverage for each of their critical applications.

Higher Education

Universities are the ultimate meeting place for wireless communications. A convergence of cloud services, social media, and mobile devices requires university IT managers to keep up with an ever-increasing demand for more capacity. Are you able to keep pace?

At SOLiD, we understand the unique set of circumstances that universities must consider on their path to next-generation mobility.

As they attract the world’s brightest minds, many top universities depend on SOLiD to deliver the coverage and capacity needs of their students, faculty and surrounding community. The connected university requires wireless solutions that keep students, faculty, administrators, operations personnel, visitors and first responders connected.


Hospitality is all about providing the best guest experience.

We produce the technology to connect you with that reality. Travelers demand reliable wireless coverage in their hotel rooms and facilities, while staff depend on wireless solutions to manage the guest’s experience.

SOLiD provides a broad spectrum of wireless services for guest satisfaction.

SOLiD helps hospitality providers deliver the communication services guests expect by ensuring seamless wireless coverage throughout their properties. Just some of the hospitality applications supported by a SOLiD solution.

Stadiums & Arenas

Sports fans expect high-capacity wireless service as an integral part of the game day experience. Staff, media and public safety personnel also rely upon wireless networks to do their jobs and maintain a safe environment – inside and outside of the facility.


Every leg of a subway, train depot, and wing of an airport terminal is different. Today’s commuters and travelers demand uninterrupted wireless connectivity whenever their journeys lead them to a mass transit hub and points beyond.

Airports present a special set of challenges with their expansive terminals, high ceilings, and other wide-open areas. While subways and railways often weave through harsh environments, the prevailing passenger demand for connectivity remains. And when travelers are stuck on a layover, waiting for the next train or racing down the corridor to their next flight and business meeting, they are also inundating wireless networks with voice calls and data, scrambling for those on-the-go updates and bursts of productivity.


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