Arenas & Stadiums


Dealer provides custom-designed in-building wireless solutions for public venues. We have decades of experience working with arenas, stadiums, convention centers and fairgrounds.

Today's crowded venues put a strain on the traditional cellular networks due to fans' increased wireless needs, which require more coverage and capacity to allow for the volume of shared data. Dealer's advanced in-building wireless solutions solve the unique challenges of stadiums and arenas to ensure spectators always have reliable connectivity

Boosting Communications Signals in Arenas and Stadiums

We design, install, maintain and certify Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) to amplify radio frequency and cellular signal inside large buildings and facilities as well as sprawling campus environments. Equipping your public venue with a Distributed Antenna System (DAS) provides wireless coverage in every building, meeting the needs of fans, teams, entertainers, management, media and broadcasting professionals, employees and contractors.

We offer DAS solutions for many types of public venues:

  • Sports arenas and stadiums
  • Music venues
  • Theaters

Today’s mobile data users expect to stay connected and share their experiences everywhere they go. Public venues such as arenas, stadiums, convention centers and fairgrounds are all places that patrons and employees will expect to have a seamless mobile data experience. With the wireless capacity demand posed by the proliferation of smartphones, patrons are consuming the Wi-Fi bandwidth as fast as the public venues can deliver it. The more significant issue posed at these public venues is the increased capacity demand on game day or during busy periods. A capacity solution involves providing coverage enhancement as needed. It is the venues’ responsibility to create an environment for their patrons to interact and engage in a way that aligns with their wireless expectations today.

Dealer's advanced in-building wireless solutions solve the unique challenges of public venues to ensure patrons and spectators always have reliable connectivity. Systems implemented by us provide wireless applications to run consistently, even during times of peak utilization, and this keeps patrons coming back.

Commercial Cellular Booster Solutions

Dealer's commercial cellular booster solutions for public venues provide the capacity and reliability required once attendees start texting, calling and live streaming.

Public Safety DAS Solutions

Dealer's engineers, designs, installs and certifies public safety Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) to comply with Fire Prevention Code NFPA 72, NFPA 1221 and IFC 510 DAS fire codes for ERCES. All public safety DAS systems must be able to pass the commissioning test, acceptance test and annual system performance and battery backup tests.

Leading the Way in Wireless
Communications for Over 25 Years

Since 1995, Integrated Communications has been an authorized Motorola Premier Service Partner with offices in Mississippi and Tennessee. When you work with us you have the advantage of utilizing our in-house experts in all areas of communications including in-building BDA/DAS systems, two-way radio systems, FCC licensing, and RF engineering. ICI provides custom turnkey communications facilities and special projects for PCS cellular carriers, commercial enterprises, government agencies, public safety, and utilities projects of all sizes. We also offer business financing options for both DAS design projects and turnkey cellphone signal booster installations for qualified customers.

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Are your buildings up to Mississippi and Tennessee fire codes? We're here to help.

Are your buildings up to Mississippi and Tennessee fire codes? We're happy to start a conversation to see if an Emergency Responder Radio Coverage System (ERCES) is required. Before any design and installation work commences, our RF technical team consisting of licensed DAS installers and technicians always perform a detailed site survey.