Radio Frequency Systems (RFS) delivers the end-to-end RF solutions and expert services needed to evolve wireless and broadcast networks today and tomorrow. Its cables, connectors, antenna systems and RF conditioning products are based on more than 100 years of experience delivering cutting-edge RF solutions and industry firsts. As a result, RFS solutions are recognized globally for their innovation, superior performance and unmatched quality.

As an ISO-compliant company with global operations, RFS brings its customers world-class engineering and manufacturing skills backed with comprehensive local support services. Its customers know they can rely on RFS' expertise and commitment to excellence from initial design to final delivery and beyond — whether they’re looking to support 5G, deploy small cells, empower smart cities or improve indoor coverage in the most challenging locations.

Radio Frequency Systems (RFS) designs and manufactures end-to-end RF solutions for wireless and broadcast networks. Its solutions are engineered from the ground up to resolve your toughest RF challenges for 5G and beyond — whether your network is underground, over ground or indoors. It is renowned in the industry for its high-quality, superior performance and innovation.

As wireless technologies continue to evolve and new frequencies become available, it’s clear mobile operators can’t endlessly add base station antennas to already crowded towers and rooftops. The approach is not sustainable from any perspective — weight, space, cost, visual impact or efficiency. Today, antennas may address one or two issues, but with considerable compromises in other areas.

Base station antenna designers with the right skills and strategies play an important role in reducing site complexity. But to be effective, their solutions must tackle the challenges operators face on multiple fronts.

Antenna designers must embrace new ways of thinking about physical antenna designs and architectures. At the same time, they must continue to support new technologies, new frequencies and new combinations of the two. And they must continue to increase antenna performance while maintaining the highest possible reliability.

RFS combines its technical expertise, deep experience and design agility with its commitment to innovation to achieve all of these requirements. Its base station antennas resolve the toughest physical and architectural challenges to simplify sites with no compromises to performance.