Fiplex Communications, Inc. is a worldwide recognized designer and manufacturer of highly innovative telecommunication products focused on providing solutions to public safety and mission-critical applications.

Fiplex innovates, engineers and manufactures in-building wireless solutions that extend coverage and enhance performance for public safety and mission-critical radio communications. The company’s portfolio of BDA (bi-directional amplifier) and fiber DAS (distributed antenna system) solutions incorporate a new flexible platform approach, which delivers increased performance, reduces complexity, and ensures economic benefit for building owners and system integrators.

The FLEX platform simplifies hardware architecture, enabling both BDA and DAS solutions to utilize a base hardware form factor that is configured, managed and monitored by a common EMS element management system. Through a simple GUI, the platforms hardware is configured as required and commissioned or upgraded at any point during a deployment. Fiplex Flex platform is flexible to meet any project’s requirement, yet robust and scalable to ensure critical communications in the world’s most vulnerable locations, including underground, industrial and transit systems, airports, stadiums, hospitals, dense urban commercial environments, campus and entertainment venues, whenever and wherever needed. Fiplex works directly with the industry’s top systems integrators to make buildings better while delivering innovative solutions to create better business opportunities for stakeholders. Fiplex’s Better Buildings, Better Business focus elevates network performance requirements, reduces design and deployment complexity, and drives project-level economic benefits to all stakeholders. The Fiplex commitment to quality is represented by its accreditation, conformance and compliance with the: FCC, NFPA, UL 2524, RoHS, CE, Buy America – 49 CFR part 661 and ISO 9001 certification. The Fiplex vision and mission remains clear and pure: innovate, engineer and deliver fail-proof critical communication technology, ensuring first responder and building occupant safety is never in jeopardy from a lack of communication and connectivity.


Digital fiber DAS, coverage extension, signal boosters: VHF, UHF, PS 700/800 MHz, antennas, duplexers, filters, combiners, amplifiers, conventional two-way radio systems and engineering services


FLEX In-Building Solutions

The industry’s most flexible, mission-critical, integrator-friendly public safety platform.


For most buildings and properties, a signal booster or bidirectional amplifier (BDA) solution will provide the required coverage. But do not be mistaken, these deployments are no less complex, and they demand mission-critical performance as a DAS deployment. Fiplex FLEX BDA solutions are the industry’s most flexible, user-friendly, mission-critical solution available.


Distributed Antenna Systems provide the ultimate in design, coverage and efficiency for in-building public safety communications. Fiplex FLEX DAS solutions address the most difficult and complex design and deployment challenges. Flexibility, redundancy and survivability deliver true mission-critical performance as well as flexible configurations to align with any deployment requirement. Delivers better buildings and better business.


Whether you are deploying a BDA or DAS, battery backup is an integrated part of today’s public safety network. Fiplex FLEX platform includes a bespoke backup power option that will meet all survivability requirements and deployment cost savings. FLEX BBU solution provides pre-terminated cabling with quick connections for power feeds and alarms, saving time and reducing installation mistakes. Integrated backup power and alarming in a single-source solution. Delivers better buildings and better business.

OEM Components

Fiplex offers a variety of passive devices to enhance your system design and integration performance, from power splitters and hybrid couplers to isolators and multiband combiners, all key components to ensure optimum RF signal coverage.

  • Active Crystal Filters – ACF

Custom In-Building Solutions

Fiplex indoor and outdoor coverage extension solutions are designed to satisfy the most rigorous demand for providing public safety and LMR communications in places where the base station can’t reach.

  • Custom Signal Boosters
  • Custom DAS


As an engineering-driven company with more than 35 years of expertise, Fiplex is known as an industry leader for its standard as well as its customized passive and active products. Fiplex serves the following markets:

  • Transportation
  • Health
  • Education
  • Utilities
  • In-building public safety
  • Entertainment
  • Government markets