Cobham Wireless

Cobham Wireless’ intelligent digital Distributed Antenna Systems (idDAS) provide a dynamic approach to delivering cellular and public safety communications within a variety of environments, including buildings, stadiums, transportation, and outdoor venues. Their pioneering digital solutions are empowering Smart Cities and next-generation wireless connectivity across the globe.

The stratospheric growth in the use of mobile devices has meant that the provision of wireless communication within the majority of buildings has become not only expected, but in many instances mandatory. Both mobile and public safety operators face the challenge of delivering comprehensive coverage within a building in an affordable manner.

The ability to achieve good quality coverage from external base stations is increasingly difficult, due to environmental legislation around building construction, which not only improves thermal efficiency, but also effectively shields the building from a wireless respective. Our comprehensive range of in-building coverage systems, provides solutions for small to medium and large buildings. Ensuring high-quality wireless coverage is achieved throughout.



idDAS is a robust in-building and outdoor coverage solution, offering a cost-effective, and energy-efficient method to delivering maximum coverage and capacity to many environments.

idDAS provides a coverage solution that is right-sized for the application and can be dynamically changed depending on demand. No more hardwiring of capacity to provision for peak demand. No more building a network where chunks of capacity remain unused a large proportion of the time.

idDAS offers a scalable digital platform that provides longevity for operators and infrastructure providers by offering simple upgrades to meet new connectivity requirements rather than a rip out and replace approach.

The idDAS digital platform offers further cost savings by supporting cellular, public safety, and IP backhaul communications on the same infrastructure, without interference.


idDAS also brings a range of other benefits:

  • State-of-the-art, patented noise management techniques
  • Flexible plug-and-play approach
  • Inherent MIMO capability
  • Native and direct CPRI routing
  • Supports C-RAN and V-RAN architectures